Maxi Bakefresh in Germany


Sir, in Today”s climate of economic uncertainty, money – particularly saving it, is at the forefront of our minds. While Gordon Brown urges the nation to clamp down and eliminate food waste, it is tentative times for our supermarkets and grocery stores. With increased price-cutting and offers, research has shown consumers are more willing to shop around for value.

We at Tom Chandley have been working alongside Bakefresh who has developed a solution to allow our large retailers to eliminate waste and reduce costs and our smaller independent traders to compete. The Bakefresh automatic bread baking system provides customers with hot just-out-of-the-oven bread rolls throughout the day on demand and at the same time reduces waste dramatically. Lets not forget the smaller independent retailers as well, who can add hot bread to their product offering. Surveys carried out in our major supermarkets show that people now buy warm fresh bread more regularly as perceptions of quality increase from the visual effect of seeing the online casino bread being baked and the smell of fresh bread. Research has found that consumers see the “bakery” as being its own “destination” in stores now, as opposed to bread being on usual shelves. Bakefresh gives smaller retailers the chance to develop their own, cost-effective, bakery destination.

Retailers can choose from five different Bakefresh models, catered to suit their operations size and requirements, from an output of anything between 70 to 540 units per hour. The new equipment will allow our supermarkets and independent stores to stay afloat in the current conditions and cater for changing consumer demands. It also gives their own branded bread a chance against the top players.