Tom Chandley has been manufacturing ovens since 1944, so is no stranger to supporting the needs and requirements of craft bakers. Their latest range of Deck ovens address everything from quantity, logistics and ease-of-use to energy-saving, with a number of features to cater for every niche of baker.

Bakers can choose from anything between one to six decks, with between one to 12 trays per deck, catering for small scale up to bulk production of quality baked goods. Doors can be six, eight or 10 inches in height to overcome space and logistical issues. The “Pass-thru” option allow bakers to keep produce strictly segregated, feeding products into the oven from a “highrisk” area and once baked, removing them into a “low-risk” area – a feature which is ideal, for example, if yeast & fruit or raw meats are involved.

Deck ovens with Turbo controllers can be programmed to enter an energy-saving “sleep-mode” if it does not see any activity for a designated period of time.

Turbo colour touch screens can recall product details for all baked products. All the bake operations are included,

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The controllers also over-come the issue of limited power availability, as is the case in many premises. The owner can control the turbo-controller to input the maximum demand available and the oven will work up to this maximum figure.

Tom Chandley has, over the years, developed a dedicated test bakery onsite at its

Manchester premises,

so bakers can make appointments to visit anytime and experience first-hand using the deck ovens to bake their bespoke products, before they commit to purchasing an oven. Just another factor which shows that with Tom Chandley, it really is “all about the Baker”.